Kristaps Zusevics is a
Thief and Scammer

Kristaps Zusevics Stole Thousands from Investors… and HAS YET TO PAY ANYTHING BACK.
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Meet Kristaps Zusevics

Kristaps Zusevics Scam

Kristaps Zusevics also known as Kristaps Zuševics from Riga, Latvia stole $10,000 worth of funds from investors and has been involved in additional money scams worth $9,000. After doing so he blocked all forms of contact and has yet to reach out to any of the people he scammed. He has scammed multiple people in the poker industry so please do not stake or do any business with Kristaps Zusevics as he cannot be trusted and is a thief and scammer.

Poker screen naMES
  • Pokerstars– kristaps7777
  • – KrisTheVillain
  • Party Poker – Must888
  • 888 – VillainKris
  • GG Network – TheKris
  • WPN – KrisTheVillain
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